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Project Tolerance - website


Sept 2019-May 2021, 2019-1-EE01-KA229-051654

In today’s world, violence, aggression, intolerance, racism and ethnic discrimination are tendencies that can be observed in the behavior of the students from all the partner countries - Estonia, Lithuania, Turkey, Romania and Portugal - of this Erasmus+ project. We are certain that raising awareness and understanding through various activities and cooperation will help with empathy, so sorely needed in our world.


The project aims:


To achieve the above-mentioned goals, an innovative attitude will be applied. Linking the benefits of using ICT in education will tackle give personality dimensions:


The activities are designed to develop the tolerance, mutual understanding, intercultural competences, social and civic spirit. The international cooperation will broaden the cross-cultural knowledge and understanding about the countries, cultures and values strengthening the feeling of belonging to a united Europe.

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