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A Good Deed at the Good Deed

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A Good Deed at the Good Deed


It was a gloomy Sunday morning when I headed to my favorite cafe, the Good Deed. The shop was as empty as it usually is at 9 o’clock in the morning so it was just me, a barista and some coffee beans. I ordered my usual, a caramel macchiato, sat down on an old brown couch under a window and waited until my order was ready.

As the coffee was being made, I took a notebook and a pencil case out from my bag. Before I knew it, I was drawing something. I was drawing a pair of chocolate brown eyes. A few rosy cheeks, some curls here and there. A red lipstick and an apron with the words “Good Deed” written on it. I was drawing my barista!

I need to be honest here. The cafe itself isn’t that nice. Yes, it’s cozy and a little vintage but not different from the 10 other cafes I passed as I came here. The coffee isn’t that good either. It’s the barista. She is so… I don’t know how to describe her because none of the adjectives in the English language are good enough for her.

“One caramel macchiato,” she smiled as the words gracefully fell off her lips. I quickly stood up, grabbed my coat and tried to walk up to the counter without tripping. I thanked her for the cup of coffee and left the shop. As soon as I stepped outside I felt the cold crisp air and let out a deep sigh filled with disappointment. Why can’t I just ask her out?

As I started to walk away from the shops front I heard the shops door opening again. It was the cute barista. “Hi, again. Excuse me. You left your bag and your notebook. Here,” she smiled and handed me my belongings. I was so embarrassed, “Oh my god. I’m so forgetful. Thank you so much.” Panic took over my body. Did she saw my drawings? Does she think I’m weird? Should I explain? Can I run away?

I tried to make the situation better by making a joke. “It makes sense why you work at the Good Deed… You know, because you do good deeds.” The fact that I actually said that instead of running away made me want to cry. I was on the verge of tears until I heard her chuckle.

“You’re funny. And really good at drawing,” she added before taking a little pause as her cheeks started to show a little blush. “And, maybe, if you want to… I could take you out for on a date… Only, if you want to.” I died right then and there.

We ended up changing contacts, went on that date and many other dates. A few years later, she is not only my wife, my best friend, my soulmate but also my favorite barista. Thank God for the Good Deed.


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