Kuressaare Hariduse Kool - alustab 1.09.2021

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Erasmus+ in Saaremaa Co-ed Gymnasium My Way –Our Future

A partnership of two schools who want to improve their career orientation programmes.

The target group of the Project "My Way Our Future are pupils aged 15 - 18 who will share their ideas and concepts together with their teachers and non-school partners from universities and local companies. An important element will be the use of English, but also German and some Estonian to promote language learning and mobility focussing on our common future in the single market.
Focal points:
A joint workshop on innovative decision-making techniques organized and scientifically supported by the University of Bayreuth will teach the skills which are needed to make the right choices.
The pupils will be given the opportunity for open discussion with representatives from local companies.
In a visit to a political branchin Brussels the students will sum up their experiences in the decision-making process and the results of the encounters with stakeholders from local companies.


- decision-making competences
- improved career-orientation skills


The timetable has already been worked out for the Erasmus-plus project. Two full years have been planned in detail.


The students will
- recognize and express decision situations.
- envision and analyse objectives and values.
- identify and create possibilities, opportunities and alternatives.
- understand and deal with uncertainty and risk.
- evaluate the alternatives based on values and objectives.

Materials available:

Link  https://twinspace.etwinning.net/55641/materials/files

Link  kolams mobility

Link  neljas mobility